Through my extensive work experience, I have been fortunate enough to be recommended by client, colleagues, industry peers and thought leaders.

Below are a few excerpts which people have been kind enough to say about me. For authenticity of such reviews, you can validate them by viewing them on my Linkedin profile.

“I am delighted to recommend Peter Button in his capacity of financial advisor and financial management. My being an inherent sceptic he quickly laid to rest my fears and anxieties with my financial requirements as a UK expat to the Netherlands. A number of years have passed and I am still delighted with the advice he gave me. Keep it up Peter and best wishes.”

~V. Jonker

My husband and I contacted Peter to assist and advise us with regards to starting our investment journey as a young family. Peter offered helpful and wise financial advice which we really appreciated. He helped us to fully understand the ins and outs of investing and provided a sturdy investment plan for our future investments. He is really knowledgeable in his field. We also thoroughly enjoyed his friendly and approachable manner. An overall great guy who really understands the world of investing.

~N. Mills

“As a expat from South Africa, Peter has looked after my multi country investments for number of years and I can highly recommend him as a extremely professional and caring individual for all his clients. He has always provided me with excellent advice in a simple but thoroughly understandable manner. His ambition to be the best is reflected in the amount of ongoing studying and training he does to keep himself completely up to date with the complex financial world, especially in the EU. I continue to be his client as I move towards a planned retirement and am confident that the plans he has put in place will allow me to be financially secure in the future.”

~ D. Popplewell

“Peter, I am honoured to be able to recommend you. For more than two years you have shown immense professionalism that went far beyond the “call of duty” as you found solutions to my multi-juridical conundrums/questions; many of which were of a “having one’s cake and eating it” nature. Not once did you show anything but a laser focused professionalism and the desire to find the best solution. Other have highlighted your honesty, supreme professionalism, attention to detail, customer focus, patience and more. To these I would only add your passion to improve the reputation of the industry through your personal behaviour and actions and your seemingly endless studying as you deepen even further your industry certification.”

~V. Davey

“Having known Peter for many years and seeing his continual progression, positive attitude and client focused approach, I would have no hesitation in recommending his abilities to potential clients. He has a genuine desire to develop his understanding of the financial advice process and is always seeking ways to enhance his abilities. A friendly and approachable individual as well.”

~B. Honeyman

“Peter, Thanks for your support and financial advice over the past few years. Always great to work with someone so professional and trustworthy with your best interests at heart. Looking forward to your advice in the future management of my investment portfolio!”

~M. East

“I have been following and interacting with Peter on social media for a while now and have found him to very sincere in building virtual relationships. His interaction is always very positive, constructive and adds significant value within our network. Peter is a consummate professional and his profile reflects exactly what he believes in, and how he goes about to achieve client happiness when they go through major life changing events, like becoming expats. Peter has build a reputation as an expat specialist financial planner with a very personal approach. There is nothing more destabilising than landing up in a new country and wondering what is the next financial step. Peter obviously bring peace of mind to his expat clients.”

~K. Kleyn

“What can I say about Peter that already hasn’t already been very accurately documented below! It has been my absolute pleasure to see Peter develop in the Financial Advisor that he is today; His attention to detail, willingness to go the “extra mile” and open and honest nature are key attributes I wish all advisors in this industry held – If I could clone Peter, it would save me a lot of time and effort in recruitment! I would without hesitation recommend Peter’s services to anyone that is reading this and I look forward to a long working relationship together.”

~L. Hunt

“Lost in my new country of residence I decided to trust my instinct that told me Peter was the right financial consultant. Direct, honest, and fully trustworthy, time has proven my first impression was indeed correct. Beyond the very good results obtained thanks to his work, Peter’s high standard of professionalism and his capacity to explain and guide his clients are to me invaluable assets.”

~E. Benzi

“Peter is very knowledgeable, attentive and always quick in answering any question you might have. His focus on your situation’s details and his dedication to providing an excellent service make him an extremely good person to work with.”

~D. Rispoli

“Peter is a very attentive professional, always looking to establish a personal connection with all his clients. He is very kind, careful and ready to respond to any requests. I enjoy the relationship with him and his attitude, which is clearly very important when it comes to financial advise.”

~L. Mossini

“Peter is highly service oriented and dedicated to delivering results. He is perceptive and was able to structure tailored solutions that met my personal requirements. I have no hesitation in endorsing Peter in his capacity as financial advisor.”

~N. Martin

“I am glad to write a recommendation for Peter. He took over my investment portfolio and ever since the performance have improved substantially. Moreover Peter is very responsive and provides advise in a very professional manner, tailored to my family’s needs.”

~G. Casale

“Peter saved me a lot of money. I could write a figure or a percentage. Both please me. I bought a small house to be closer to the city centre. Peter found it……… it took ME 3 hours to find. He explained the things I didn’t understand and made something important (because I’d worked for it) become simple and understandable. If you have a Forces pension in Britain (do they still call it Britain?…. or is it ÚK’ now), talk to Peter.”

~K. Cutler

“I am proud to recommend Peter Button in his role as Financial Advisor at Blacktower. Peter has been my personal investment advisor for the last two years. During this time, Peter has advised me on the restructuring and optimization of my investment portfolio in a way that suits my short-term and long-term personal needs. The quality of his services has not only been excellent but has also resulted in financial gains significantly above initial targets and expectations.

Besides his technical competences and financial expertise, Peter excels because of his honesty and his continuous willingness to support his clients. This trust has helped me established a long-term relationship with him and his company.

In addition, Peter is always approachable and I always get a quality response to my queries/ issues in a very short period of time. This is perfect for someone like me who relocates countries every 3 years due to work related matters.

Without hesitation, I recommend Peter Button in his capacity of financial advisor.”

~R. Karame