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Understanding the TVC

In October 2018, the FCA made the provision of an appropriate pension transfer analysis (APTA) mandatory. One of the elements which the APTA needs to contain is the Transfer Value Comparator (TVC). Traditionally pension transfer reports utilised the critical yield, however, after much criticism for lack of understanding, and the over reliance on the critical … Continue reading Understanding the TVC

There they go again…

One of the most asked questions in connection with investing – perhaps second only to “What would be my return?” – is “How much income will I receive?” I’ve met a lot of investors who require an income from their investment in order to cover their living expenses. For perhaps behavioural reasons, many investors are … Continue reading There they go again…

A CET What?

Anybody who has looked into a defined benefit (DB) pension transfer, would have come across this acronym. A Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (CETV). All well and fine to know what the CETV is, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how it is calculated so that you can have a better understanding on it. In … Continue reading A CET What?

The Power of Compound Interest

Many Individuals are unfortunately ill-prepared for retirement, and it’s an unsettling prospect that so many citizens of this modern day world may not be able to support themselves in their golden years. However, the beauty of compound interest means that if you start saving from an early age, investing in your future doesn’t have to … Continue reading The Power of Compound Interest

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